I have painted in watercolor for over 40 years. My college degree is in art, but watercolor was not taught at the university I was attending, so I eventually took courses at a jr. college and I also took many workshops through the Idaho Watercolor Society through the years.
     Since I was also working and raising a family I wasn’t able to give the time to art that I wanted and I have only recently been able to make it a part of my everyday life—I love that!
     My watercolors and mixed media paintings are a very personal communication of what impresses me in the world around me. I see many things every day that I think are beautiful and worth noting—some of them I’m sure are beautiful in my mind only, but I hope to show the beauty that I see through my work.
     There isn’t time enough to appreciate everything or to make a painting or sketch of everything, but watercolor painting and sketching are one way for me to appreciate and communicate my awareness of what I see as beautiful and interesting. I am really grateful to have this wonderful way to express myself.
  • Graduate of Idaho State University–B.A. in Art
  • Signature Member of Idaho Watercolor Society
  • Recipient of the Ruth Clark Award from the Idaho Watercolor Society
  • Studied with:
  • Linda Doll,
  • Don Andrews,
  • Christopher Schink,
  • Frank Francese,
  • Gloria Miller Allen,
  • Nita Engle and others.