I have always loved drawing and making things. I wasn’t discouraged when what I made wasn’t as realistic as I would have liked.

As I grew up I was fascinated with the process of making something that was entirely formed by just my choices. I liked to learn from others and would take advice–but my biggest pleasure in making art came from actually carrying out the process with my own hand. Art is as individual as any touchable thing can be.

I graduated with a degree in Art from Idaho State University. At that time watercolor was not taught at ISU.

I married and and moved to San Diego with my husband who was in the Navy. There was no opportunity or space to do art and when I had my son there was even less. I worked a little in tapestry and oil painting.

Later when we were out of the Navy and back in Idaho with 2 children, I decided to try watercolor since it required little equipment and had no fumes. I took two semesters of watercolor from LaVar Steele at College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.

Watercolor has its own unique features. A watercolor is “made of motion” until it dries. It doesn’t offer much revising–after a awhile it becomes what it becomes and there it is. There are ways to revive the surface but it is easier to start over. Somehow watercolor painting is grounded in the limits of the paper and paint yet abounds with possibilities. Each painting has so many variables that I can’t duplicate exactly what I did before. I think that is why it is my medium of choice.

  • Graduate of Idaho State University–B.A. in Art
  • Signature Member of Idaho Watercolor Society
  • Recipient of the Ruth Clark Award from the Idaho Watercolor Society
  • Studied with Linda Doll, Don Andrews, Christopher Schink, Frank Francese, Gloria Miller Allen, Nita Engle and others.